Artist: Wiener Planquadrat
Title: Dschungel
Release: April 22nd, 2022
Format: 12″ / Digital


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After releasing their critically acclaimed debut single ‘Stillstand’ on Local Suicide’s label Iptamenos Discos the Austrian duo Wiener Planquadrat are returning with their new ‘Dschungel’ EP which includes remixes by legendary electro-punk producer T.Raumschmiere, London-based infamous artist Birds and the uprising disco producer Tech Support. 

The title track ‘Im Dschungel’ is a feel-good disco-pop / indie dance tune that speaks about the urban jungle of Vienna. The exuberant combination of arpeggio distortions, sizzling synths keys and jolly vocals transport listeners right in the middle of bubbly and chaotic Viennese jungle. 

The B-side ‘AIV’ (short for Alles ist Viel) is a dark disco hymn composed of polyphonic plucked synths, classic 80s beat, and distorted arp brassy sounds, while the vocals evoke the wilderness of a tangled and jumbled mind. 

T.Raumschmiere, an artist of multiple facets ranging from punk techno to experimental ambient, maneuvers ‘Im Dschungel’ with abstract and minimalist tones. A steady remix with kick and bass at the forefront wrapped up with bright looping keys. 

Birds twists ‘Im Dschungel’ with an acid bassline, dark metallic strings, and adds mystical vocals showcasing her talent to merge multiple atmospheres into one track and always thrive for edginess and originality. 

AIV’ is revisited by London-based Tech Support, who gives it an all-around bouncy and elegant groove, harmoniously matched with spacey effects, bright bells, and screechy synths. 

Wiener Planquadrat is formed by Maximilian Atteneder from Catastrophe & Cure and Michael Weiler, a former member of Luv Shack’s Burning Tears. Their work is a union of their two musical background: a mixture of indie, dark disco, and a decent portion of French electro, reminiscing the times they first met. In 2021, they released their critically acclaimed debut single “Stillstand”, which went up onto the top 10 tracks of Austria’s most important youth radio station FM4, was highlighted as track of the day by Byte FM, received glowing reviews on the blogosphere and was described as the “perfect feel-good- disco-track” by German leading electronic print magazine FAZE, while receiving support by DJs such as Joris Voorn, John Digweed, Phunkadelica, Sean Johnston & Damon Jee among others. 

The ‘Dschungel’ EP is an electrifying collection of tracks showcasing each artists‘ distinctive style and colourful palette of musical artistry. It will be released on a strictly limited clear Dubplate 12” and made available digitally on all platforms on April 22nd, 2022. 


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