Artist: Wiener Planquadrat
Title: Austriano Celentano (Tutto Gas) feat. rossvanboss
Release: May 15th, 2024
Format: Digital


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The uprising DJ/producer duo Wiener Planquadrat, consisting of Michael Weiler and Maximilian Atteneder, brings forth their latest musical triumph, ‚Austriano Celentano (Tutto Gas)’, featuring the esteemed Italo-pop producer rossvanboss. Dropping via Local Suicide’s label Iptamenos Discos on May 15th, 2024, this dynamic tune emerges as the definitive anthem for Austria’s spring break festivities, dubbed the Tutto Gas weekend in Italy, promising to have everyone chanting along to its infectious refrain: ”La tua festa non mi piace, tutto gas, millie grazie!”

Wiener Planquadrat’s musical journey began in 2020 when Weiler and Atteneder combined their musical roots to craft a new unique sound. Embracing their love for 2000s Indie music, dark disco, and French electro, they birthed a unique sound characterized by powerful, analogue, yet hook-heavy craftsmanship that defies typical dance music conventions. Their debut single, ‚Stillstand‘, released in 2021, immediately gained international acclaim, swiftly climbing Austrian and German dance charts. Following this success, their EP ‚Dschungel‘, released in 2022 and remixed by artists like T.Raumschmiere & Tech Support further showcased their boundary-pushing creativity. Wiener Planquadrat’s collaboration portfolio is impressive, remixing and working with acts such as Local Suicide, Oberst & Buchner, Kalipo, Dina Summer, Ali X, and You Man.

For their latest single, ‚Austriano Celentano (Tutto Gas)‚, the duo joins forces with Viennese luminary Ross Stanciu, better known as rossvanboss, the acclaimed Italo-pop producer renowned for his solo work and his contributions as a bassist to distinguished Austrian outfits such as AVEC, ROBB, Ankathie Koi, and Filous.

This vibrant track serves as the ultimate anthem for the Tutto Gas weekend, where Austrian youth flock to Lignano, Italy, to revel in the sun and festivities over the Pentecost weekend. With its infectious disco beats and catchy melodies, the song promises to be the essential soundtrack for countless summer adventures, captivating party enthusiasts with its irresistible energy and spirit.

„With a hearty wink, we sing together about the inseparable love-hate relationship between Italy and Austria, which reaches its peak every year at Pentecost in Lignano.” Wiener Planquadrat

Austriano Celentano (Tutto Gas)‚ will be available for download and on all streaming platforms on May 15th, 2024 via Iptamenos Discos!


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