Artist: Psycho Weazel
Title: Mains d’Argile
Release: January 26th, 2024
Format: 12″ / Digital

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Press Release

Swiss duo Psycho Weazel are back on Iptamenos Discos, this time with their very own EP ‘Mains d’argile’ which has a range of sounds from new wave, indie dance, italo disco and house and features Curses, Local Suicide, as well as remixes from Marvin & Guy and Rafael Cerato.

The duo’s musical love story began at summer camp, where the two Swiss born musicians shared their playlists with one another. Sharing playlists led to sharing dreams, and so Psycho Weazel was born. A retro-futuristic electronic spectacle, their music blends indie-dance, cold wave and EBM. From their studio on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel, they have created an impressive catalogue of elegant and joyful dance music. Such infectious tracks can be heard lighting up dancefloors across the globe – ‘Mains d’argile‘ will be no exception.

The EP opens with title track ‚Mains d’argile’, which features New York born, Berlin based artist Curses, who is hot off the heels of the Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX compilation he curated. Psycho Weazel describe the single: ‘a hymn to disappearance that turns into medicine for damaged partygoers’. The track is certainly godly with its transcendent intro – long, echoing and expansive, it sprays the listener with melancholic dew and then drops into somewhere present, with tight drums and a strong synth melody, guided by Curses‘ haunting vocal. Layers of sounds that are both grounded and soaring, bridging the gap between heaven and earth. The track ends with a wailing lead guitar, whose tone embodies a sense of longing and escapism.

Moving into ‚Matra Murena‚, a 4×4 dance floor scorcher inspired by the car of the same name. Made with motor sounds, the nighttime track is filled with metallic textures. 80s reminiscent powerful synths and snappy drums propel the track forward in a continual state of motion. A perfect marriage of Psycho Weazel’s ethereal elegance with Local Suicide’s alluring darkness. The end of the track breaks into a solo of motor sounds that is ear-pricking and truly unique.

Iconic Italian duo and self proclaimed ‘Space Cowboys’ Marvin & Guy provide a more stripped back danceable house remix of ‘Mains D’argile’. A deep bassline in combination with acid sounds and a sprinkling of vocals from the original creates a relentless funky groove, which will work just as well at 3pm as at 3am.

Rafael Cerato’s remix of ‘Matra Murena’ sheds new light on the track. A swirling big room version with added layers and lyrical focus. He beefs up the percussion, crafts a more theatrical feeling within the vocals and creates a dramatic buildup in the middle of the song which is followed by a drop, which unleashes an explosion of sound and energy.

Sonically and emotionally thrilling, this a-class collaboration double-A-side EP is another exciting addition to Iptamenos Discos’ catalogue. The ‘Mains d’argile’ EP will release on January 26th, 2024 on all digital/streaming platforms, and on 12” vinyl.


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