Artist: Kalipo
Title: WUT
Release: October 13th, 2023
Format: 12″ / Digital


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Press Release:

Kalipo is back on Iptamenos Discos, this time with a solo EP named ‘WUT’ (which means rage in german), featuring a stylistically diverse selection of dark disco tracks which provide a healthy dose of everything from heavy percussion to dark atmospheric sounds to joyful tones, as well as featuring transfixing vocals from Joy Tyson and Local Suicide.

Refreshingly unexpected, this release stays true to Kalipo’s rich signature blend of influences, textures and sounds. The artist does not let himself be defined, straddling the line between house, techno and disco influences for a unique sound that earned him critical acclaim and made him a staple of clubs and festivals all around the globe. He is also a founding member of the renowned German electro punk band Frittenbude and is producing for the esteemed and part of the up and coming dark disco project Dina Summer. His vast discography currently encompasses 5 albums as well as countless singles and remixes released on labels including Christian Löffler’s Ki Records, Audiolith Records, Get Physical, Stil for Talent among others. His live sets exclusively feature his own tracks and are an exciting and unique construction of his originals and remixes which are a little different every time, but never fail to provide a captivating performance.

The EP opens up with a bang with the deceivingly short yet intense ‘My Symphony of Rage’. True to its title, the track opens up with a looming, foreboding melody before dialing up the intensity with a shattering, aggressive beat coupled with bold punky vocals and grating sirens. Chaotic, raw and exhilarating, the track sets the tone for the rest of the EP, like a warning that you’re in for a ride.

The first single ‘Seeking Angels’ is a haunting tune that sucks the listener in with a dark & grungy vibe provided by vocals that have a lo fi, distorted, and washed-out sound as well as a repetitive driving bassline and a lively and intense kick and snare.

Shinigami’, the second single features Berlin based Floridian multi-versal vocaliser Joy Tyson. As well as being an extremely talented and versatile vocalist, having been featured on a wide variety of tracks ranging from dark wave to dancehall, Joy also has her own musical project named ‘Snake Milk’ and is a hand poke tattoo artist. She provides a magical vocal performance which fits seamlessly with the enchanting and sweeping, euphoric melody, creating moments of sonic bliss which will produce tensions and goosebumps inducing vibrations on the dance floor.

It is followed by the mesmerizing ‘Echoes of the Past’, featuring the Greco-German couple Local Suicide who are known for their signature sound and blend of disco, EBM and techno and are no strangers to Kalipo, joining forces in the trio Dina Summer, as well as collaborating on a track for Local Suicide’s debut album. The track gently opens with a dreamy melody, intergalactic pads and velvety, soothing vocals which stand in contrast to the mysterious lyrics and audacious drum fills. It then abruptly switches up the pace, layering on a throbbing beat into a relentless momentum to paint a full and vibrant sonic picture.

The minimalist and intriguing ‘Bizeps’ then comes in with an perpetually changing arpeggiated bassline continuously looping in on itself for a hypnotic effect, underscored by enigmatic murmurs and analogue synths for an adductive sound.

‘WUT‘ will release via Iptamenos Discos on (signed) black 12” vinyl and made available on all digital and streaming platforms!


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