Dina Summer

Dina Summer is the collaborative band project between Kalipo and DJ couple Local Suicide. The Berlin-based project is fronted by Dina P, who lends her vocals and thought-provoking lyrics to the act. Second member is her husband and DJ/Producer partner Brax Moody with whom she forms Local Suicide. The third member is Kalipo, who started his music career as the producer and band member of the German electro-punk band Frittenbude before venturing into downbeat rave music. Together they create a unique blend of their influences 80’s Disco, 90’s Electro and New Wave for a fun, nostalgic and dark retro sound. Their debut album “Rimini” offers a beautifully crafted journey through retro disco sonics, incorporating Synth Sop, New Wave, and Disco-elements for funky, upbeat, and versatile tracks that can be enjoyed beachside or on the dance floor.

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