Yotam Russo

Tel Aviv-based artist Yotam Russo (formerly known as Lott) signs to Local Suicide’s label Iptamenos Discos and announces his new ‘Twilight Zone Disko’ EP. The 3-tracker is the Israelis most mature release to date and perfectly showcases his unique approach to modern electronic dance music. Being known for his fusion of heavy drum machines with psychedelic guitars, acid melody-hooks and catchy vocals he creates a rich spectrum of sound that takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions and genres. Over time, he has cultivated a distinct style characterized by by an optimistic and upbeat vibe that is both nostalgic and contemporary. In this EP he expands his creative expression by adding meaningful text that resonates with his audience, making his music a powerful vehicle for storytelling. Whether this be via performing live or in the studio, Russo innovatively blends genres from Indie Dance, Synthpop, Dark Disco to House & Acid often referring to bands like LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax or The Faint.

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