Berlin legends, T.Raumschmiere and Housemeister, have teamed up for their new release, ‘Samstag Nacht’, under their new collaborative project, T.Raumhouse. This new artistic duo stems from a friendship that spiralled over decades. They toured together from the 2000s and now aim to bring the 2000s nightlife back to Berlin. This new release encapsulates the 2000s through pulsating basslines, unearthly percussive samples, and signature vocoder vocals. ‘Samstag Nacht’ feels like a combination of retro, and spacey futuristic electro. The drums are gritty, and an element of underground punk lies within the track as the pace builds throughout. Supporting the track, is a new music video, also written and produced by T.Raumhouse, which features Joy Tyson, Livia Etelka & Rafi Sinn.

One half of T.Raumhouse is T.Raumschmiere originally hailing from Heidelberg, Germany. He moved to Berlin in 1998, where he renamed himself after a list of William S. Burrough characters and began to take the Berlin electronic music scene by storm after drumming in various bands in his home town. His releases consist of a range of genres from punk, electronic, and rock ‘n’ roll to minimalistic and ambient. The artistic journey of T.Raumschmiere is vast and stems from all areas in life, which makes it difficult to pin him down to one style! His iconic track, ‘Monstertruckdriver’, which was released on NovaMute in 2003, took off and established him as one of the key figures of the early 2000s Electroclash scene. Currently he keeps himself busy with his bands Margot Erkner and st.raumen.

The other half of T.Raumhouse is the German producer, DJ & label owner, Housemeister, who moved to Berlin at a young age, and witnessed the rise of the techno industry throughout reunification. He produced over 50 vinyl releases and eight albums under a range of iconic labels such as Detroit Underground, Boysnoize Records, BPitch Control, and his own, AYCB. On top of producing and running a label, Housemeister also toured the world, playing his music in over 50 countries. Authenticity is a characteristic which comes with the work of Housemeister; his tracks possess flair and energy, rarely following guidelines.

After possessing an array of gritty, hardcore, and bustling dancefloors in and around Berlin throughout the ‘90s, Housemeister is currently working on his new album which will be released in September 2024.

‘Samstag Nacht’ will be released under the label Iptamenos Discos who compliment the artistic duo of T.Raumhouse’s through creativity, authenticity and inventiveness. The label, Iptamenos Discos, have been running since 2021 and were founded by the berlin-based duo Local Suicide. The labels music ranges between genres such as New Wave, dark disco, EBM, and techno, and examples of their releases fall under artists such as Boys’ Short, Dina Summer, Curses, Skelesys and Wiener Planquadrat.

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