Jëan Fixx

Jëan Fixx is the musical alias of the multidisciplinary artist Félix Fernández. Although he began DJing in 2014, it wasn’t until 2018 that he embarked on his journey as a composer and producer with his debut EP „Uncanny Valley.“ His eclectic tastes lead him to immerse himself in the hypnotic structure of Techno, while still embracing the vibrant force of Electro and the captivating melodies of Synthwave. He fearlessly combines these influences with industrial sounds and dense reverberating atmospheres of Dubstep, approaching IDM, as showcased in his second EP „Globalizer“ released in December 2020 under the label „Deep Different.“ The EP gained recognition on prestigious radio programs such as „Paralelo 3“ and „Fluido Rosa“ on Radio 3 (Spain). His debut studio album „2084“ was released in 2022 under the label „Ruido de Fondo.“Jëan Fixx has performed and DJed at numerous events including Fanzine Fest, Senda Fest, Boiro Ruido, Tandem Fest, Momentos Alhambra, Atlantic Pride, Sala Black in Santiago de Compostela, and Sala Mondo Club Vigo, among others. He has collaborated with musicians such as Lefrenk, Ed Empty, Dr. Juhh, Rubeck, and Drow.

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